I’ve had pets most of my life, and goats have been some of my favorites. I got my first pet goat around the age of 10. I would put beads and a hat on that little goat and walk her around so folks could see her. Years later, thanks to my Uncle Pat, I got more goats. He thought we could make a little extra income raising and selling them, but that didn’t work for me because I couldn’t let them go. I had to keep them! 
   They have such sweet personalities and are born entertainers. How could anyone not love a goat? 
   Everywhere I go, whether I'm at church, at the mall, or performing at concerts across the country, people always ask about my goats!
   I was even asked to present several awards at the Blues Music Awards show, and the director wanted me to bring one of my goats along to help me present! I ended up taking my stuffed animal goat, Memphis Billy. I went out on the stage holding him, and the audience loved it! 
   My “kids” are my stress relievers, and they sure make me smile a lot. And I'm hoping this little book will do the same for you.

   Watch this sweet video of Dru reading the book, then scroll down for several options to order your copy!

   And watch this interview with me and my goats on PBS - “Georgia Outdoors: Sing to Nature.”

A friend commissioned this special stained glass gift to commemorate my first children's book!
Thanks to Terri Robbins for creating this one-of-a-kind spectacular work of art!